Enjoy the freedom of an RV vacation

Many people rent RV's simply for the fun, freedom and flexibility an RV offers. You'll be able to travel the country at your pace in style and comfort in a Class A motor home from Shadow Wood RV Rental, LLC. Are you looking for a motor home to travel to Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Disney World … or hey, how about touring our beautiful state of Wisconsin? We'll make sure you are well equipped for your dream vacation.

Benefits of Renting an RV

Renting an RV makes economic sense when you are able to cook your own meals and travel at leisure in your "home on wheels" to your desitinations. Forget about the hassle of packing and unpacking everything under the sun (we've taken care of that for you) ... just load your RV with your food and clothes and go! All the comfort and convenience of home are with you at all times including your bathroom, kitchen, sleeping, eating and relaxing features! Vacationing in an RV allows you to experience the freedom that many other types of vacations do not. You are free to drive almost any route on the map with the ability to stop off at secluded campsites and every single point of interest that intrigues the eye.  You can even find a rest area to stretch and take a nap or eat a meal!

RV vacations represent an extremely economical way for families to travel. According to a cost-comparison study conducted by PKF Consulting, an RV trip is shown to be more economical when compared to a traditional week's vacation for a family of four, when you consider the costs of flights, car rental, hotels and eating out at restaurants.

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Why Should You Rent From SWRV Rental

We are a family owned business dedicated to making your RV vacation as enjoyable as possible. We feel we provide an extraordinary level of amenities that others do not include or include only with additional fees.  Let's face it, with our busy lives, it's hard enough to schedule a vacation, let alone take the time to plan and pack for one ... that's where we come in.  We take pride in providing our customers a journey that takes that stress out by providing you with an RV fully stocked with supplies and equipment ready to meet all your travel and camping needs.  Just pack your food and clothes -- the rest is probably on board already! You will receive full training in how to operate and use our RV safely and hassle-free prior to departure. Materials and manuals are also provided in the RV in case you need to reference a subject previously discussed during the training. PLUS you will have unlimited access to our FREE reference materials for planning your trip.  We are an active camping family that also uses this RV giving us confidence your vacation is as enjoyable as ours!